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A Breathe of Fresh Air

Burnt Hair Perfume

This week, everybody is talking about Elon Musk‘s new role as a perfume salesman. Elon changed his Twitter bio to “perfume salesman“ and unveiled a stunning ruby red bottle of...

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Don’t Mess With Tesla Bot

Tesla Optimus robot, wearing a Giga Texas “Don’t Mess with Tesla” belt buckle, was unveiled on Tesla AI Day 2022. The elegant robot could be mistaken for an art piece,...

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This week in Tesla news

This week in Tesla news has been rather enlightening. A Tesla Model Y that caught on fire in Vancouver earlier this summer led to many suspecting the battery was at...

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Tesla has had a phenomenal week

It's been an eventful week for Tesla. Tesla is launching a Supercharger Voting Poll Platform that will allow owners to choose where future Supercharger locations will be. This is a very good...

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