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Cybertruck Towing a UTV to the Dunes of Utah

Cybertruck Towing a UTV to the Dunes of Utah

As a Tesla fan and content creator, I recently had the opportunity to showcase the Tesla Cybertruck's capabilities in a unique test drive. In my latest video, I explored the performance of the Cybertruck, specifically its tri-motor variant, affectionately known as 'Cyberbeast'. To provide a comprehensive review, I invited Andy, an experienced Ford F-350 driver, to join me and offer his expert perspective.


Real-World Towing Test: The 3,000-Pound Challenge

The core of our test was to assess the Cybertruck's towing capacity in a real-world scenario. We towed a 3,000-pound Brawley, an electric off-road vehicle, challenging the Cybertruck with a significant load. Throughout the drive, Andy and I critically analyzed the Cybertruck's handling dynamics and performance, especially under the additional weight and unique resistance caused by the Brawley's regenerative charging.


The Towing Verdict: Cybertruck's Surprising Efficiency

One of the most remarkable findings from our test was the ease with which the Cybertruck managed the towing task. Despite the considerable weight of the Brawley, the Cybertruck performed seamlessly, demonstrating smooth acceleration and the ability to overtake other vehicles without any noticeable strain.

In the video, Andy and I delved into discussions about the Cybertruck's potential for towing heavier machinery, such as a bobcat on a trailer. Given the power exhibited by the Cybertruck during our test, it was clear that it could likely handle such tasks effortlessly.


Audio Excellence: Comparing the Cybertruck's Sound System

Another aspect we highlighted in the video was the Cybertruck's superior sound system. Andy, whose F-350 is equipped with a high-end sound system, was visibly impressed by the audio quality in the Cybertruck, noting its superiority even over the Rivian R1T’s Elevation sound system by Meridian.


Adventures at the Dunes: The Final Test

Overall, the test drive and subsequent discussions with Andy provided a thorough insight into the Tesla Cybertruck's capabilities. The vehicle's performance, particularly in demanding tasks and varied terrains, was impressive. We arrived at the dunes just in time to play in the sand a bit before running out of daylight. Watch the video for the full experience. I tried to capture the Cybertruck's performance through the lens of both a Tesla enthusiast and a seasoned truck driver. I hope you enjoy it.

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