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Mountain Forest

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It’s a warm autumn evening, the sun setting in the distance as the sky glows an auburn shade. The minty-sweet scent of the sun-kissed pine trees mingles within the dry, resiny air. Calming winds carry the fog, rolling in slowly as night replaces day. The quiet lulls between the breeze bring inner peace, as you settle into the comfort of your vehicle, your fingers relaxing behind the wheel as you drive seamlessly, immersed within the mountainous scenery that seems just to break you free from the troubles of the world. 

Notes: Sweet. Woody. Dry. Warm and cozy.

This is not an overwhelming air freshener, rather it's a subtle enhancement to your experience that changes over time. Scentwedge packs should be replaced every 2 weeks.

This kit includes 2 sealed packs. About a 1 month supply of ScentWedge.

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Mountain Forest


Buy One, Plant One

For every purchase, we plant one tree. We do this through

Cruelty Free

The oils we use are all-natural, cruelty-free, and conflict-free.

Made in USA

We mill from solid walnut wood, and blend/infuse everything in Berkeley CA, USA.

Free Shipping

Free shipping for all domestic USA shipments. International orders over $100 also qualify for free shipping.

Compostable Packaging

Each kit comes with two compostable, airtight packets that keep the ScentWedge fresh for up to 6 months.

What's Inside the Kit

This kit includes 4 ScentWedges made of laser-cut walnut wood, designed to fit perfectly in your Tesla Model 3/Y front linear vent.


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