Buy one. plant one.

For every kit you purchase, we plant 1 tree. We do this through

All Natural

100% biodegradable.

Made with 100% natural oils infused with a walnut wood wedge. This isn't an overpowering air freshener, rather it's a subtle enhancement to your experience. 


Made in california.

Laser cut and hand finished. Designed & Made in California. Patent Pending.  

Mountain Forest

Mountain Forest

Mountain Forest


You get in the car and go where your instinct leads you. You beat the sunrise. In fact, by the time the birds start singing their first songs, you’re already there. Tiptoe around the redwoods with the Mountain Forest scent. Toasty and nimble, this wedge fills your nose with the cozy aroma of freshly cut wood. Push yourself into the wilderness, but never lose the feeling of home. Woody notes and a subtle hint of sweetness

Coastal Forest

Breathe Nature.