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Natural Air Freshener for Your Tesla

All-Natural, designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y linear vent.

Out of Sight

Maintains minimalist aesthetic. Designed and patented for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y linear vents.

Natural Ingredients

All-natural ingredients derived from plants and trees. Conflict free, cruelty-free, and compostable.

Smell Good. Do Good.

For every purchase you make, we plant a tree through the One Tree Planted organization.

Designed to be Subtle.

Maintain the minimal aesthetic of your car.

"Love ScentWedge, started off with the Discovery set and found the scent I liked most. Can’t complain at all, perfect fit every time, super discreet, great scents."

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"Have been a long time scentwedge customer but recently moved to a very hot climate so the AC is constantly blasting. Scentwedge is amazing for neutralizing the annoying musty smell in model 3/Y. Love that they are super easy to install and change out, and once installed are very subtle so don't take away from the minimalist aesthetic."

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"I love the scent options. They all have a unique experience. I like how they are not too feminine and not too masculine. It’s a perfect balance. I really enjoy this brand and their contributions to the environment as well."

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We love ScentWedge air fresheners in Yoda, our Model Y. We have tried all and are very happy with the natural, not overwhelming, aromas and freshness we experience in the car. We are particularly fond of Valencia that brings memories of orange blossoms and summer days to our car interior. Well done!

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This scent seems to appeal to many people. It's a complex scent, with warm vanilla being the first thing I pick up on. My wife, who usually doesn't normally like air fresheners, asked me to use this on her car. It's pleasant without overpowering the atmosphere.

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I’ve been using scentwedge Summit in my Model 3 for a few years now, it smells so good and lasts. They are a bit pricey, but worth it. I also really enjoy the fact that they are completely out of sight, keeps the clean minimal design without adding a big plastic air freshener.

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Inspired By Adventure

Each of our scents captures the essence of our explorations in nature.

100% Satisfaction

If our scents aren't to your liking, email us and we'll give you a full refund.

Made in USA

We design and manufacture ScentWedge in Berkeley CA, USA


This kit includes four of our most popular scents, about a 2 month supply of scentwedge.


Scents Included: Valencia, Grounded, Big Sur, Coastal Forest


Valencia is the shimmering of golden rays through an orange orchard singing with life. As sunset approaches the horizon, you pluck an orange from its branch and inhale the sweet, final moments of a perfect summer day.

Aroma: Citrus. Petitgrain. Hint of Vanilla


Grounded is the cleansing inhale of a foggy morning, the crisp embrace of a fresh rainfall. Feel the powerful potential of dawn on the coast, wrapped in the ritualistically distinct aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Aroma: Vetiver. Coffee. Fresh Rain

Big Sur

Big Sur is the divine stillness of in-between moments of life. It’s the guide to realign and redefine. Release your inhibitions as you intermingle with the cleansing presence of nature.

Aroma: Sage. Cedar. Fresh. Clean.

Coastal Forest

Coastal Forest is an elusive Californian experience. It’s the rhythmic mist of waves lapping the sand, the warmth of the sun kissing your skin, and the delightful surprise of a breeze through the land.

Aroma: Eucalyptus. Cool. Labdanum

2 Month Supply

Free USA Shipping

Free 30 Day Returns

$55.00 Regular price $60.00

Experience everything we have to offer and explore the scents you love. This kit is about a 3 month supply of Scentwedge. Includes a 2-week supply of every scent we have to offer. Scents Included are: Valencia, Grounded, Big Sur, Coastal Forest, Mountain Forest, and The Summit.

Scent Included

Valencia- Valencia Orange. Mandarin. Tangerine. Petitgrain

Grounded- Vetiver. Coffee. Fresh Rain. Vanilla. Fog

Big Sur- Sage. Cedar. Breeze. Frosty. Fresh. Mist.

Coastal Forest- Eucalyptus. Green. Cool. Subtle hint of vanilla

Mountain Forest- Sweet. Woody. Balsalm

The Summit- Pine. Coffee. Vanilla

3 Month Supply

Free 30 Day Returns

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Autopilot for Your Scent

Scent of The Month

Save 25% and enjoy a unique scent delivered to your home each month. We'll rotate through our scent collection, and as we create new ones, they'll be added to the monthly delivery.


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