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For every Scent Wedge kit you purchase, we plant one tree. We do this through

Inspired by Adventure

100% Natural

This is not an overwhelming air freshener, rather it's a subtle enhancement to your experience that changes over time. We only use natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free ingredients.


Made in california, usa

Laser-cut and hand-finished, Scent Wedge is made of walnut wood infused with 100% natural ingredients. 

Patent Pending.

work from anywhere

DeskWedge V2


DeskWedge is a wooden work surface that enables you to drive to any location, pull out your laptop, and work remotely. Designed to fit perfectly on the steering wheel of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.  Engineered to fit snug in the center console for easy storage. Precision CNC milled and hand-finished.

Made in Berkeley, CA USA.

Designed & Made In California

For Model 3 and Y

Discovery Set

Discovery Set


Try all of our scents. This discovery set includes a total of 8 wedges, about a 2 week supply of each scent. 

Big Sur

Big Sur


Imagine driving along the coast of California and pulling over to observe the landscape and hear the waves. Feel the breeze of the ocean blend with the fresh smell of sage. This exact moment is what inspired this scent.

Notes: Sage. Cedar. Breeze. Frosty. Fresh. Mist.

The Summit

The Summit


Imagine a warm cup of coffee at the peak of the tallest mountain. This was the inspiration behind The Summit.

Notes: Green. Woody. Pine. Coffee. Vanilla. Sweet, Warm and cozy. Rich and smooth. Creamy.

Coastal Forest

Mountain Forest

Mountain Forest

Imagine walking through the forest just before sunset on a warm summer day. This walk was the inspiration behind Mountain Forest.

Notes: Sweet. Woody. Dry. Warm and cozy.

How to Install

Plant two trees

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