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2023 Tesla Holiday Update

2023 Tesla Holiday Update

The Tesla 2023 Holiday Update is upon us. It's scheduled to roll out this week and promises an array of new features and updates to enhance the driving and entertainment experience for us. Key features of the update include:

1. Custom Lock Sounds: Owners can personalize the horn lock sound of their vehicles with various options, including the 'screaming goat' sound.

credit: Tesla

Photo credit: Tesla

2. LAN Party on Wheels: The rear touchscreen will now support gaming, allowing rear passengers to play their favorite games.

3. Rear Screen Bluetooth Headsets: This feature enables rear passengers to use wireless Bluetooth headphones when watching shows or playing games on the rear screen, making for a more immersive and quiet experience for the rest of the car.

4. Apple Podcasts: Integration with Apple Podcasts offers access to a wide range of podcasts, enhancing the in-car entertainment options.

5. Tesla App Trip Planner: This function in the Tesla mobile app allows users to plan multi-stop trips and send the itinerary directly to their vehicle.

6. Speed Cameras on Route: The navigation system now includes symbols along the route indicating the presence of speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights.

credit: Tesla

Photo credit: Tesla

7. Automatic 911 Calls: In case of an accident that triggers the airbags, the vehicle will automatically call 911, with an option to cancel the call if not needed.

8. Blind Spot Indicators: This new safety feature alerts drivers with red shading in the blind spot camera when a car is detected during signaling.

9. More Live Sentry Cameras: The Tesla app will now provide access to additional cameras, including the left and right pillar cameras, offering a total of 7 viewing angles.

10. Light Show: A new light show called 'The Arrival' is added, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.

11. Castle Doombad: This game, along with updates to Beach Buggy, Polytopia, and Vampire Survivors, is now available in the Tesla Arcade.

12. High Fidelity Park Assist: This feature provides a 3D reconstruction of the surroundings to aid in parking, making it less stressful and more precise.

credit: Tesla

Photo credit: Tesla

The availability of these features varies by model and location, indicating Tesla's commitment to customizing the driving experience based on regional regulations and model capabilities.

As we reflect on the latest 2023 Holiday Update from Tesla, our excitement and gratitude are palpable. Year after year, Tesla enriches our experience with these updates, turning our cars into more than just vehicles - they become evolving companions, adapting and growing with every new feature. From enhancing safety with the High Fidelity Park Assist to adding a touch of fun with custom lock sounds, each update reaffirms Tesla's commitment to innovation and to its community. We can't wait to update our cars!

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