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Tesla Cybertruck Detail View

Tesla Cybertruck Detail View

In a surprising twist at the Peterson Automotive Museum inaugural Electrified Cars & Coffee meetup last weekend, the Cybertruck made an unanticipated appearance, stirring considerable excitement among the attendees.

This unexpected showcase provided us a tantalizing preview of what seems to be a ready-to-launch model of the Cybertruck. This extraordinary event was orchestrated by none other than Franz Von Holzhausen, who was notably seen driving the vehicle. The event was packed with Tesla enthusiasts, and hence, we got an opportunity to view numerous videos capturing the work of art known as the Cybertruck.

Our attention was particularly drawn to the unique door design, specifically the absence of traditional door handles. This creates an aesthetic that makes the car more surreal. In this video you can see Franz simply, magically, opening the door.

Additionally, the uniquely contoured steering wheel, reminiscent of a rounded rectangle, stirred significant curiosity. The Cybertruck's interior exudes an elegant simplicity and minimalism. Although it mirrors the design philosophy seen throughout the Tesla product line, it notably incorporates additional storage space and enhanced functionality.

Equally remarkable was the opportunity to see the vehicle's rear-wheel steering in motion, a feature that appeared to significantly decrease the vehicle's turning radius.


As we patiently wait for the Cybertruck's official deliveries, the display at the Peterson Museum serves as a thrilling preview of what's to come.

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