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Navigate On Autopilot Is A Life Hack

Navigate on Autopilot is a life hack for those who live in areas where one could easily get lost. Many people use GPS when driving in the city and Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot makes it so much easier.

 In 2018, Tesla introduced Navigate on Autopilot which guides a car from the highway's on-ramp to the off-ramp--with driver supervision. It also makes lane changes, navigate highway interchanges and takes exit. 

Today, many Tesla owners using this feature never have to worry about missing an exit. And changing lanes is easier than doing it manually. It's definitely a life hack that we are grateful for. 

Grounding is another life hack

Another life hack that many people mention is grounding. It's an experience that we should all take daily. For Model 3 and Y owners who are on the go and simply do not have time for this, we can help.

Our Grounded air freshener takes you into the chill as the morning fog wraps around your senses. 

With notes such as coffee, vetiver, vanilla, fresh rain and fog, your senses will allow you to feel at one with nature. 

Click here to learn more. 


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