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2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance 1,000 Kilometer Challenge

A 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance dominated Bjørn Nyland's 1,000 kilometer challenge. 

Bjørn Nyland put the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance to the 1,000 kilometer challenge test and set a new all-time EV record. The Model 3 performance finished 1,000 kilometers at an average temperature of 24°C. It only took 9 hours and 15 minutes after some time deductions.

Performing 40 minutes faster than the 2020 version, the Model 3 Performance finished 15 minutes slower than a Kia Ceed PHEV--a car that didn't need to charge along the way.

The car was charged four times along the way and according to the computer, the average energy consumption was 212 Wh/km or 241 Wh/mile.

You can watch the video below

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