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The Tesla Models 3 & Y Are Top Sellers For 2022

The Tesla Models 3 & Y Are Top Sellers For 2022

Both the Tesla Models 3 and Y are incredibly popular and best sellers for 2022. MotorBiscuit shared a list of the all-time best selling vehicles for the first half of 2022 and the two electric vehicles made the top five. For now, the internal combustion engine is reigning supreme. The Toyota Camry is the best seller this year so far, but with Tesla having two of its best selling vehicles on this list, it shows that the market is changing.

Tesla makes beautiful cars and in addition to the sensual design of the vehicles, they are quiet, minimalistic, and provides a pleasant experience for both the driver and passenger. Out of the top five, the Tesla Model Y ranged number two and the Model 3 ranked number five. 

The Tesla Model 3 is popular due to its affordability. It's able to provide the Tesla lifestyle at an affordable cost for those in the market for a new car. 

Tesla is creating its new Model Y All-Wheel Drive at its Gigafactory in Texas which recently held a Cyber Rodeo themed grand opening last spring. This new Model Y will have the new 4680 battery cells and costs around $1,000 less than the Long Range Model Y. The 4680 batteries are something we've been looking forward to since Tesla unveiled this new design on Battery Day in 2020.

The 4680 gets five times the energy with six times the power which enables a 16% range increase. Tesla's SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering, Drew Baglino further explained the cell level.

“So just the cell form factor change enables a 14% dollar per kilowatt hour reduction, just that cell form factor change. And now that you’ve been teased on this factory, we’re going to go on and walk step-by-step through that factory and discuss a series of innovations there.”

“When thinking about the ideal cell factory, we have inspirations behind us in the paper and bottling industry, where from humble beginnings, over a century of innovation has enabled mass scale, continuous motion, unbelievably low manufacturing costs.”

“And when we think about the lithium-ion industry, which is really only in its third decade of high volume production, it has so far to go to achieve similar scale and simplicity. And that was the inspiration that we set out to the team as we thought about how to marry cell design and manufacturing in the best possible factory.”

Even though these two vehicles may have been ranking lower as the best seller for the year, don't think Tesla isn't catching up. In Q1 2022, Tesla was the best selling car brand that outsold everyone. InsideEVs points out that Tesla hit record sales and had a high volume of new car registrations in Q1. 

As critic scratch their heads in confusion trying to understand how Tesla is doing so well, Tesla owners are buying their EVs knowing the reasons why. The truth is that clean energy is in high demand. Solving climate change is what matters the most. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed this out during Giga Berlin’s opening. 

Every vehicle that we make will be another step in the direction of a sustainable energy future. We will also make battery storage. So this is going to be very important for storing renewable energy — so, for solar and wind. Because it’s intermittent, it needs to be stored, but we’re extremely confident that the world will transition to a sustainable energy future with the combination of solar, plus battery storage, and electric vehicles.

“If you have those three legs of the stool, then you can create a sustainable energy future for as long as the sun shines and the wind blows.

“I want to be clear that sometimes people are sad about the future or they think, well, ‘will we solve sustainable energy?’ and ‘maybe the climate issue is too late’ or something like that. I really want to assure everyone that you can have hope in the future.

“You should have hope in the future. This problem will be solved. And this factory is a major step in that direction. And so, believe in the future.”

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