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The Strength Of The Tesla Glass Roof

The Strength Of The Tesla Glass Roof

Tesla is known for its incredibly strong glass roof which has proven to be durable, especially during accidents. In recent news, a massive tree fell onto a Tesla Model 3 glass roof in China and the driver literally walked away without any injuries. 

The white Tesla Model 3 was pinned down by the tree and ripped through power lines like a blade through paper as it fell. The bulk of the tree's weight fell onto the Model 3 yet the glass roof held steady. 

In January 2022, a Tesla Model 3 was put to the test a tree fell on the car as the owner was driving friends to a wedding. As with the incident in China, no one was injured. The glass roof showed clear resistance to the unexpected massive amount of weight falling onto the car. The cabin was intact and the tree fell directly onto the car just above the driver's seat. 

In 2013 which is almost a decade ago, USA Today reported that the glass floor of the Tesla Model S was so strong that it broke the NHTSA’s crush-test machine. Tesla’s safety obsession has only gotten strong and this is a good thing, especially for its millions of customers.

The Tesla Model 3, which came out several years after that USA Today article, was rated by the NHTSA as the safest car it has ever tested. The agency determined that the Model 3 has the lowest probability of injury in a collision out of the well over 900 cars the agency has tested. Behind the Model 3.

In 2021, Tesla filed a patent for the glass in the Cybertruck and shared a video about its new Tesla glass which not only keeps the cabin quiet but can withstand four times the weight of the car.

“Tesla glass keeps your cabin quiet, protects you from UV rays, and can withstand 4x the weight of the car.”

Tesla incorporated acoustic side laminated drops in every vehicle which means that this is a type of glass Tesla is. using. One of the Tesla employees described this as a 'glass sandwich where you have a glass outer and a glass inner and in the middle is an acoustic dampening layer that mutes the noises from the road, wind and other sources. 

This probably won’t be the last time we hear about Tesla’s amazing glass technology saving the lives of its occupants during vehicle crashes. 

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