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Tesla's Q1 2024 Safety Report: Autopilot Drastically Reduces Crash Rates

Tesla's Q1 2024 Safety Report: Autopilot Drastically Reduces Crash Rates

Tesla recently published its Q1 2024 Vehicle Safety Report, which details crash statistics involving Tesla vehicles, both with and without Autopilot engaged. According to the data, vehicles using Autopilot were involved in significantly fewer crashes compared to those without the system activated.

The electric vehicle manufacturer summarized the findings as follows:

"In the 1st quarter, we recorded one crash for every 7.63 million miles driven by drivers using Autopilot technology. For drivers not using Autopilot technology, there was one crash for every 955,000 miles driven. In comparison, the latest data from NHTSA and FHWA (from 2022) indicates that in the United States, there was an automobile crash approximately every 670,000 miles."


Tesla mentioned on its official website that its Autopilot crash data is conservative. This is because any crash where Autopilot was disengaged within 5 seconds prior to the impact is included in the data. Additionally, all crashes where the vehicle's incident alerts indicated airbag deployment or other active restraints are counted. Tesla does not distinguish between types of crashes or fault, so even if a Tesla is rear-ended while Autopilot is active, the incident is still recorded.

Tesla vehicles are known for being among the safest on the road, thanks in part to their all-electric design which provides a low center of gravity and extensive crumple zones. The vehicles are built with highly rigid cabins, contributing to numerous lives saved over the years. Importantly, both passive and active safety features are standard across all Tesla models, making them some of the safest vehicles available today.

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