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Tesla Is A Superior Road Tripping Car

Tesla Is A Superior Road Tripping Car

There’s road tripping, and then there’s road tripping in a Tesla. 

You can go anywhere in a Tesla and this is what makes road trips more fun than they are in regular cars. Tesla has expanded its Supercharging network and now that the world is focusing more on EVs rather than the inferior, internal combustion engine vehicles, governments all across the world are investing in EV charging infrastructure. 

Tesla is clearly in the lead with its Supercharging network that enables a Tesla owner to go pretty much anywhere. If you’re embarking on a Tesla road trip for the first time, there are countless resources online to help you make your first trip an awesome one. 

In Europe, the Tesla Supercharger network is the largest 150 Kw+ public fast-charging network. This happened when Tesla began allowing non-Tesla EV owners to charge their cars at its charging stalls. Here in the US, Tesla is currently constructing the largest Supercharger network in the Mojave Desert. This Supercharger will have over 100 stalls and will be situated in plain view of the interstate--better than any billboard. 

Tesla also announced in its Impact Report that it plans to shift energy consumption toward renewables as soon as possible throughout its operations. This includes the Supercharger Network. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate sustainable energy and its goal is a 100% renewable Supercharger Network. The global Supercharger network was 100% renewable in 2021 and this was achieved through a mix of onsite resources and annual renewable matching. 

Although the Supercharger network is still currently expanding, it is wise to bring backup charging accessories as well as an emergency kit. Other good things to include on a road trip are hand sanitizer, tissues, a small bag for garbage, and your devices and chargers. 

Entertainment is also necessary especially if you have children. The fun thing about Tesla’s is that when you park them to charge, you can play video games. For other tips on road-tripping in your Tesla, CleanTechnica has a great checklist here

Taking road trips in a Tesla is superior to the smelly road trips taken in a regular fossil-fuel-sucking vehicle. There are no trips to the gas station. Although it’s faster to pump gas than it is to charge an EV on the go, the latter ensures that you spend quality time with your family while exploring new areas. 

The best part about road trips for gas car owners is, I think, the truck stops or souvenir shops where you get out, explore and have a bit of fun. This is why Buc-ees is such a hit in Texas. And Buc-ees now has Tesla Superchargers too. In 2021, Tesla and Buc-ees laid out plans for Superchargers that will span 26  stores across seven states. 

Buc-ees is known as the destination for long road trips and by partnering with Tesla, Tesla owners can add Buc-ees to their list of fun things to do on the road. Although Buc-ees is a gas station, it’s almost like a religion in Texas. 

Speaking of road trips, we would be remiss not to mention one special component that would enhance your trip especially if you are road tripping in a Tesla Model 3 or Y. An air freshener that will enhance your breathing space will benefit both your mind and body. Here at Scentwedge, we have you covered with our all-natural scents intuitively designed for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. 

Our scents can also match the theme of your road trip. For example, if you're traveling through the mountains, The Summit brings a fresh mix of pine, coffee, and vanilla to enhance your experience. Perhaps your journey will consist of a coastal scenery where the ocean views greet the forests as you drive through. We imagine that will smell earthy. Think eucalyptus, foliage, and vanilla and you have our Coastal Forest scent. 

For every purchase you make, we plant a tree through the One Tree Planted organization. 🌲


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