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Burnt Hair Perfume

Burnt Hair Perfume

This week, everybody is talking about Elon Musk‘s new role as a perfume salesman. Elon changed his Twitter bio to “perfume salesman“ and unveiled a stunning ruby red bottle of perfume, which he affectionately called “Burnt Hair“. At just $100 a bottle, enough people have pre-ordered bottles to amount to over $2 million in sales! 

Given the astonishing success of this endeavor, I decided to ask Arash Malek,  the founder of Scentwedge, if he would also consider creating a “burnt hair” scent. 

Here are some excerpts of my conversation with him.

G: what are your thoughts about the new scent, “burnt hair” by singed?

A: I think it’s interesting. It’s a scent I’m familiar with as I often burn my arm hairs reaching over candles. It’s not a scent that I would prefer, but perhaps a subtle note of burnt hair combined with other scents in a perfum might be surprisingly pleasant. 

G: If you were to develop a new scent with the smell of burnt hair, what kind of undertones would it have? 

A: I would probably use Amyris Wood as a base note, and probably blend it with patchouli and black pepper as a mid/top note. 

G: That sounds nice, I might actually buy that, what would you name the product? 

A: I would probably name it “Not Burnt Hair”

G: Haha, great name! Have you talked to any friends or colleagues about Elon’s burnt hair, what are their thoughts? 

A: I’ve talked to a few friends and they’ve each ordered more than one bottle.

G: Have you ordered any bottles of burnt hair? 

A: I’m still debating whether I should order a bottle or not. Literally, all of my friends have ordered it and so I’ll be able to get a good whiff of it for the experience. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my existing perfume and I’m not much of a collector so that’s why I haven’t ordered yet.

There’s no telling when Elon Musk will close down and limit the number of people who can order this fragrance, currently, if you check the website from the Boring Company, you are only allowed to order a maximum of 20 bottles of Burnt Hair.

What do you think about Burnt Hair? I ordered a bottle to give to my husband for our anniversary, I hope he enjoys it!  


Gail Alfar, author. Exclusive to Scentwedge Blog – October 15, 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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