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Zoom Walnut Console Overlay Gen 1

Walnut Console Overlay Gen 1

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This console overlay is made with real walnut wood veneer and special nano suction adhesive. Leaves no residue and is super easy to install and uninstall.  


-4 panels of walnut wood veneer with reusable adhesive

-Felt cup liner

-Microfiber cleaning cloth

Model 3, Generation 1: 2018, 2019, 2020 (partial)

Model Y, Generation 1:2020, 2021 (partial)

Walnut Console Overlay Gen 1

$189.00 Regular price $200.00

Which Version Should I Get?

Gen 1

The First Generation/Gen 1 model has a 2 lids that flip open and no built in charger.

Gen 2

The Second Generation/Gen 2 model has a built in wireless charger and a sliding lid.


Does the wood match the Dash?

No, it is a completely different type of wood. We actually think Walnut looks better than the original wood used on the dash. We also think the Ash wood looks amazing with the white interior.

How do I keep it clean?

You can use a damp towel to clean the overlay. Over time, it will fade with sunlight exposure, at that time you can simply re-apply Odies Oil and your console will look good as new.

How do Returns work?

You can return the console overlay for a full refund as long as the protective film has not been removed.

Easy Install

Designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Real Wood

Made from real wood veneer and reusable adhesive. Sealed with food grade wax.

Made in USA

CNC laser cut and hand finished in Berkeley California, USA.


For every purchase, we plant one tree. We do this through

How to Install

Easy to Install

We use special reusable adhesive to make install as easy as possible. This adhesion does not weaken with adjustment or removal. If dusty, wipe the adhesive side of the panel with a damp cloth to recover adhesion.

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Easy to Remove

The special reusable adhesive that we use also makes the console overlay super easy to remove. Leaves zero residue on the console upon removal.

One of a Kind

Each overlay kit is made from a single sheet of veneer so the grain lines up beautifully. Each set is unique as the panels are made from real wood. No two sets will be identical.


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