Donate Face shields

$5 each
Face Shields

Sponsor face shields for healthcare professionals by contributing to this project. The updated cost for one face shield plus shipping is $5, the suggested contribution is 10 face shields. Our healthcare professionals are risking their lives daily, treating people with COVID-19. The lack of personal protective equipment prompted us to switch resources and use our tools to contribute in a positive way. We're now making face shields to help flatten the curve and save lives. That's why we are providing this at the material cost to anyone who wants to help contribute to the collective effort of flattening the curve. All face shields sponsored will be distributed free of charge to healthcare professionals that fill out this form and will be fulfilled based on urgency.

*N95 mask not included.

We've also made the cut files open source so anyone with a laser cutter can make this.

Please note, this is only a response to the current pandemic and not a professional medical-grade product. It is very much a DIY project and designed to supplement the lack of protective gear available. If you have a laser cutter, please download the files and start making them.

If you are a healthcare professional please fill out this form