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Walnut Overlay (Gen 1)

How to Install Gen 1

Step 1

Clean Surface

Use the provided microfiber cloth to clean your Tesla’s console surface thoroughly. The surface needs to be smooth and dust-free for the console wrap’s nano suction cup adhesive to work best.

Step 2

Peel & Stick

You should have a total of 4 wooden panels. Lay out the panels as displayed in the diagram to the right. Peel off the backing and install one panel at a time. To install, align the edges of the veneer panel above the console and gently press to the piano finish surface.

Step 3

Making Adjustments

If an installed panel is misaligned you can remove it by gently pulling the panel up and off. Use extra caution if adjusting the panel around the cupholders. As long as both the Tesla console and the adhesive side of the overlay remain clean you may remove and adjust as many times as needed. This is the reason we use suction adhesive: it's reusable and leaves no residue.

Step 4

Press it Down

Once you are happy with the alignment, press on the entire veneer with more force. You can also use a solid surface, block of wood, or plastic squeegee. Be careful not to scratch the veneer. Drop the felt liner into the cup holder to complete the installation.


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