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This week in Tesla news

This week in Tesla news has been rather enlightening. A Tesla Model Y that caught on fire in Vancouver earlier this summer led to many suspecting the battery was at fault. However, Transport Canada debunked that conspiracy theory. The investigation is still ongoing. 

Tesla's end of quarter push is well underway according to an employee at Tesla's Fremont factory In a post on Instagram by the employee, the employee parking lot was packed early in the morning due to it being the end of the quarter. "Guess what time it is? Freakin 3:56am!"

Elon Musk spoke out against the NHTSA's terminology following the media headlines of 1 million Tesla vehicles recalls. The recalls didn't happen in the traditional sense of owners having to take their vehicles to the dealerships to be repaired for who knows how long. Instead, it was a simple fix with an over-the-air software update. However, the NHTSA loves to cry wolf on these things. 

Tesla's AI Day is next Friday and we are all looking forward to what it has in store for us. Perhaps Optimus will lead the presentation. 

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