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Tesla price cuts, Tesla Semi & Frito Lay, and more Tesla news

The recent Tesla price cuts are being labeled as under appreciated by Piper Sandler analysts who pointed out that investors should be "proactively buying" Tesla shares. 

Tesla's recent price cuts on its vehicles have some long-time owners a bit upset while others who are able to see the long-term value of Tesla's move have pointed this out repeatedly. 

“We don’t think most investors appreciate the extent to which lower pricing could support Tesla’s market share,” the analysts at Piper Sandler said. 

In other news, the Tesla Semi was among several electric vehicles showcased at Frito-Lay's Modesto plant this week. Frito-Lay transformed its facility to be focused more on sustainability as a part of its commitment to sustainability.

In Texas, Tesla began ramping up the assembly of its 9,000-ton Giga Press that will be used to produce the long-awaited Cybertruck. Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer shared more stills from another flyover from Wednesday and the photos reveal that a large portion of the machine's components have been set up.

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