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Tesla FSD available to anyone in North America

This week in Tesla news, Tesla's FSD Beta became available to anyone in North America on Thanksgiving Day. Elon Musk shared the news and congratulated the Tesla Autopilot and AI team on achieving the major milestone.

In China, Tesla had an actual recall (versus an OTA-update). Tesla recalled 80,000 vehicles yet only 16% will need the work done to become safe again. Reuters reported that the recall was for software issues regarding the battery management system and seatbelts. 

Tesla's FSD Beta version was able to detect Autopilot defeat devices that drivers use to trick the software. Teslascope found that this version of FSD Beta will disengage Autopilot once a defeat device is detected.

Last week, Tesla celebrated its 10,000th vehicle delivery in Israel. The company's operations manager in Israel, Paz Gantovski, made the announcement on LinkedIn.

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